складная многофункциональная лопата black dragon (9 в 1)
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Product Code: 777318
Dimensions of shovel blade (mm) 190 x 145
Thikness of working part (mm) 2,5
Length with handle (mm) 700
Material steel

Multi-function Folding Shovel Black Dragon (9 in1)

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The foldable, multi-purpose spade “Black Dragon” is an unreplaceable tool for a real man, adrenaline junkie and traveler. This reliable, strong and at that light and space-saving tourist’s spade is hugely more convenient in the field environment that standard types of spades. When folded, the spade can be put into a belt bag, made of cloth. Being folded, the spade does not disturb the tourist on a hike (the spade can be easily out into a backpack) or during transportation (it requires minimum space in the baggage compartment). It takes just a few minutes to make it ready for use.

Due to tight fit of the parts of the spade, when unfolded, it looks like a one-piece structure, with no gaps and clearances. The ergonomical shape of the handles provides for comfortable grip (even if the tool is wet). A special handle coating prevents slipping of the palm and formation of callous, even after long-term work.

Those who are fond of outdoor recreation and active travels can hardly go without high-quality tools. Whatever it may be – an expedition trip, fishing, camping, search-and-rescue operations – in any situation above the foldable spade will come to help to its owner many times and please him with its multi-functionality. Quite literally, it is the tool for all of life's emergencies. As suited the situation, the tourist’s foldable spade may be used as a hatchet, hoe or picker, can opener or small file. This is a light and space saving tool using which it is convenient to dig in a small space, remove dirt or snow from under wheels, remove the top soil and perform lopping, as well as dozens of other various operations.

What is by no means unimportant, the spade can be used as a reliable self-defense device in extreme situations. The foldable tools are good for being easy to be kept closed at hand. They are not taken as weapon (but can be used as such indeed).

Any tourist (and not only a tourist!) will be happy to be presented with such a spade. In summer it is irreplaceable for arrangement of a field camp; it winter a car owner will easily free his car of snow; a fisherman will be able to dig worms; a gardener will prick off: a good tool is able to facilitate any hard work and even turn it into pleasure. Finally, it is really pleasant to possess a high-quality tool. Try it and you will surely see it for yourself!

This can also be a perfect present!

Options and functions:

  • Spade
  • Saw
  • Hatch
  • Hoe
  • Knife
  • Opener
  • Fire striker
  • Screwdriver
  • Glass breaker


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